David Buggan


David is a focused leader who founded Lean Enterprise Partners with the vision of delivering a holistic, sustainable process improvement system based on the concepts of Lean Manufacturing. David served as a Lean Coach and Advisor to the President of a successful, growing Lean consultancy. His approach to Lean is a more sweeping application that ensures the implemented solutions strengthen the entire organization and not just a single component.

David has served as a Lead Analyst and Project Director of multi-site implementations. He’s experienced in all aspects of enterprise-wide Lean initiatives, including: Administrative, IT Systems, Engineering, Maintenance, Supply Chain, Value Chain, Sales and Manufacturing. He has significant hands-on experience in integrating, Statistic Process Controls (SPC), Cellular Manufacturing, Processing Mapping, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen events, Five-S, and Just-in-Time (JIT) attributes of the Lean Philosophy. His clients represent include a broad spectrum of industry-leading companies such as: Ford Motor Company, Freightliner, Johnson Controls, General Mills, EFTC (Circuit Boards), Mack Trucks, Volvo Trucks and General Dynamics.

David’s expertise in management systems and years of successful application of Lean principles position him as the expert in this revolutionary process. During David’s tenure as the President, LEP has established a strong reputation as highly skilled practitioners and a track record of successful implementation in a broad cross-section of industries.